The very unique characteristic of our radio is a wide variety of original programming. The current format of RUSA Radio comprises three categories – talk radio, music programming and news, including national and international headlines, as well as lifestyle and entertainment...
Show To Go
Weekdays 7AM – 11AM
Полный подъем
Weekdays at 11AM – 1PM
Weekdays 3PM - 4PM
Saturdays 11AM - 5PM
Boutique politic
Mon-Thu 4PM - 5PM
Tyson's hits
Weekdays 8PM – 10PM
Life is life
Fridays 2PM – 3PM
God Bless America
Mondays & tuesdays в 1:45PM
Litvin online
Mondays 2PM - 3PM
For success
Thursdays 10AM – 11AM